7 Ultimate Travel Movies

Movies have always been a great way for people to escape from their ordinary, seemingly boring lives if only for 2 hours max. As a movie fan myself, I want to share the ultimate travel movies that will inspire anyone to pack up their bags, grab their passports and ahead straight for the airport. Hector and the Search for Happiness Location: China Bored of his … Continue reading 7 Ultimate Travel Movies

Christmas In London | The Best Places to Visit During Festive Season

Christmas in London always brings a smile to my face. The prospect of Christmas lights being installed on Oxford and Regent Streets, the dozen or so Christmas trees doted around London, and my favourite the release of festive drinks at coffee shops. Continue reading “Christmas In London | The Best Places to Visit During Festive Season”

A Perfect Day Trip to Canterbury, England

Canterbury was actually my first taste of freedom. This small town in the south of England full of old history and made famous by the book The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer was were I spent three years of my life at university. It wasn’t quite an escape to freedom as Canterbury is only 1 hour away by train or 1 hours 30 minutes by car from London. The cathedral city still close enough to London to make for the perfect day trip but also still far enough to get away from the hustle & bustle of a big town and out into the county dubbed the ‘Garden of England’. Continue reading “A Perfect Day Trip to Canterbury, England”