Escape to Malta

Malta 2016 was all about escape. I wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of London city work life and a small island of the Mediterranean was an affordable unknown destination to me. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect and the was the start of a beautiful love affair with Malta.

Malta is made up of the main larger island, the sister island of Gozo and the smallest of the Maltese archipelago island of a Comino, famous for the Blue Lagoon. Many of the sea excursions head for Gozo and Comino, with water sports and sun bathing being on the top of the itinerary. If it’s culture and heritage you’re after then head to the capital city of Valletta. Declared the European capital of culture in 2012 and a UNESCO world heritage site, Valletta is home to the Grandmaster’s Palace, St John Co-Cathedral & the Upper Barrakka gardens and Saluting Battery. Here, over looking the Grand Harbour, you’ll find 8 sets of cannons that are fired every day at 12noon & 4pm as part of a ceremony.

Malta has also been used  a lot for film & television productions, most notably for the HBOs series Game of Thrones. For any GoT fan like myself, the silent city of Mdina is the place to go. You will notice that the entrance to the city is the very same one that was used in the scene when Catelyn arrives into King’s Landing back in season one. Many other recognisable locations like Littlefinger’s brothel & the red keep. For non-Game of Thrones fans, Mdina is a fascinating city with narrow streets you would happily get lost in & the most amazing views of the Maltese landscape.

Right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, Malta is a happy place for food lovers worldwide, sourcing the tastiest fresh fish and meat. A must try is a pastizzi, a savoury pastry filled with either ricotta cheese or mushy peas. Being close to Sicily & mainland Italy, a lot of the Maltese desserts are influenced by the Italian culture. I made it my mission to sample everything. It’s the polite thing to do.

With great weather, friendliest people, delicious food and only three hours flight from London, Malta has a lot to offer.

Have you ever visited Malta?

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