Edinburgh, Scotland

Autumn is well and truly upon us and there is only one place I wanted to be in to experience this wonderful season.

The Scottish capital of Edinburgh was different from what I imagined. I thought it would be like London, busy and modern. I was searching for autumn, for the crunchy yellow & red leaves, for crisp cold fresh air, for wild nature.

That’s why I planned to travel further into Scotland to the Scottish Highland. But I didn’t have to go far to search for autumn, as autumn found me right in the middle of the popular streets of Edinburgh.

Even with the nature seeping into the Old town, I still wanted more. Everyone said that Arthur’s Seat near Holyrood Palace was the place to go for the best views of the city and the best for nature lovers. But I didn’t make it to the top. Instead I realised I found everything I wanted sitting on a wooden bench by St Margaret’s Loch, looking out onto the loch and St Antony’s chapel ruins. The swan sand ducks were also a nice added touch.

You will be a fool to think Edinburgh is a cold, grey, old medieval town where it rains a lot but there is a warmth to the town. It welcomes all – the tourists, the expats, the nature in amongst its old medieval history. In any other town it would look and feel crowded & trying too hard. But in Edinburgh, it feels natural.

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